Discussions about French Pocket Knives Laguiole often unleash some passions. Between urban legends and mistaken beliefs, we have tried to answer a few here.

We also answer the redundant e-mails questions that we are most often asked but which we can no longer answer individually.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Laguiole Knives counterfeilt, real and fake.
Written as follows: “Laguiole en Aubrac®” is a registered trademark and certifies its origin: TRUE.
Written as: “Laguiole” – “Laguiole véritable” – “Laguiole authentic”: FALSE. Theses names are not related to a manufacturer.
The word laguiole is neither a trademark or the name of a company. There is no copyright on it. It’s a public name. That’s the name of a village in the department of Aveyron. The name is associated with a specific form of traditional knife, common to the village of Laguiole. The popularity of this form quickly created marketing opportunities. “Laguiole added to authentic or genuine words does not mean anything simply because it does not give the name of the manufacturer.
“Laguiole” knives and cutlery can be made in China, Pakistan and industrially in France. The price often reflects the quality. Be careful with “warranty certificates” and the laguiole name which is by no means a manufacturer.
A quality manufacturer like “Laguiole en Aubrac” on this site proudly has its brand stamped in its blades. 
When the knives have special blades (Damascus), will be included the certificate of authenticity supplied with the knife.
2. Is my Laguiole en Aubrac knife is under warranty?
If you bought it on this site: YES.
The quality of the knives sold on this online website is exceptional. This is why the manufacturer guarantees them for life against any manufacturing defects. However, this warranty does not include damage incurred during normal use. For example, a knife should only be used for cutting: its use as a screwdriver is considered abnormal use.
We respond to warranty claims ONLY for products purchased on
For this we keep the names, first names and dates of purchases.
3. How do you pronounce Laguiole?

So many people are asking this question that it had its place here. Laguiole is pronounced: “LA-YOL”. In other words, the ‘G’ does not exist in the pronunciation!

4. How to take care of my Laguiole ?

Oil regularly the closing of the knife.
Be careful not to drop your knife on the blade, nor to use it as a lever because the very hard steel is also brittle.
Do not expose horn, wood or bone handles to temperature changes or humidity as in a car glove box.

5. How to sharpen my knife?

It is always better to consult a professional for the sharpening of your knives. It’s usually cheap and well done. A Japanese sharpening stone with a double grain 400/1000 will be perfect if you want to try it. The use of a rifle only allows straightening the wire of the blade, but will not remove the metal to recreate a bevel. If you do not master the sharpening, train on old knives, you could scratch the blade of your Laguiole by a bad gesture.

6. Can I put my Laguiole in the dishwasher?
Folding knives, wooden / horn knives / forks / spoons and sommeliers are not designed to be placed in a dishwasher. On this site, only the Set of 6 monobloc Steak Knives are compatible with the dishwasher.
7. Can I buy a single fork or a single table knife?

No. We only sell boxes of at least 6. To buy 8 or 10 pieces each, thank you to contact us by e-mail so that we proceed to a quote. Please understand we cannot stock half of a set. To complement your order of 6 with 2/3/4 others pieces, you will have to wait them to be produced . Delay 3/5 weeks delivery included.

8. I have a laguiole recent/old, can you make repairs or changes of blade?

We do not support knives that have not been purchased on this site.As like the Laguiole en Aubrac workshop only supports repairs of their own manufacture. Also please make sure there is the logo below on the blade before making any request.

Laguiole Online Shop
If your knife is a model of this manufacturer, please contact him directly HERE.
If your knife was purchased on this site, please contact us HERE. We will send you a voucher that will be attached to your knife. Please note that we do not support the shipping costs of your knife.
9. I am looking for a model that I do not see on this site

We do not sell it… Please be sure it’s a model from the manufacturer Laguiole en Aubrac. Logo is at the top of this website.

10. Do you buy old knives? Do you give a value of them?

No, we do not buy old knives and do not evaluate their value.

11. Do you sell Chateau Laguiole sommeliers or other brands?
No, we only sell Laguiole en Aubrac brand products. For any request related to another brand or counterfeits please contact them directly.
12. Is it possible to buy an empty wooden box?

No. Each box is sold with the products. Some are looking to buy industrial knives or counterfeits but put them in a prestigious box. This is not possible.

12 Bis. I have not received a reply to my email.

We receive between 50 and 100 e-mails every day, if the answer is already on this site, we can not, and we apologize, answer you. Please use the search bar using the keywords that relate to your question.