Laguiole CHEESE KNIFE le BURON: some DESIGN with CHEESE ?!

This superb Cheese Knife Le Buron  from our cheese knife range was designed by the famous French designer: Benjamin Auzier for the manufacture Laguiole en Aubrac. Named by the same name as the stone buildings, with roofs covered with slate or slate which served as a place of manufacture and refining cheeses produced on site.

With its frank and ergonomic shape, it exist in 3 materials. The blades are forged in one piece. The assembly, guilloche, adjustment and polishing of each model is done in one step by the same artisan cutler. It is in this long process of manufacturing that lies the difference between the industrial production and the Aveyronnaise artisanal manufacture and forge de Laguiole en Aubrac.

Cheese Knives are also available in its Classic version and Set of 3!

Laguiole Online Shop also offer a nice range of Flatware Steak Knives Set, Forks, Spoons. Laguiole Cutlery set 28 piece already containing a Cheese Set. All These models match perfectly with our kitchen Knives and of course Sommeliers Corkscrews ! For a single Knife please visite the folding knives page where we offer Simple and double plates, but also Prestige models.


This design Laguiole Cheese knife Le Buron is available in several materials. Entirely handcrafted, a long manufacturing process is necessary for each cheese knife of to be unique!


Laguiole en Aubrac guarantees artisanal manufacturing of its products in the historic area of Laguiole. The team of cutlery craftsmen and blacksmiths manually manufacture and assemble all our cheese knives.