This Laguiole Kitchen Knife collection is available in 5 types of wood: ebony, juniper, walnut, olive and rosewood. Perfectly balanced, made of premium materials, our kitchen knives are known for their high quality blades and very comfortable grips. The range of Laguiole Kitchen Knives consists of 4 types of knives sold individually: The paring knife 10cm, the chef knife 20cm and the serrated bread knife

Bon appétit!

Despite variations in size, the steps of manufacturing quality remain the same: the blades are forged in one piece. The assembly, adjustment and polishing of each model is done in one step by the same craftsman cutler. Because it is in this long process of manufacture that lies the difference between the industrial production of Laguiole Kitchen Knives and the artisanal manufacturer Laguiole in Aubrac.