The blades of our Classic Laguiole Pocket Knives single blade or with corkscrew, and their spring are forged then hand chiseled as it conforms to its origins. Manual and eye adjustment, Individual hardening… The assembly of each model is made in one step by the same craftsman cutler.
109 operations are necessary for the realization of Laguiole with single blade (1 piece). 166 for the realization of a two pieces for which the wick of the corkscrew is 3 wide and spaced turns in order to grasp the cap without breaking it.
It is in this long process of manufacturing that Aveyronnaise Laguiole en Aubrac handcrafting continues, and which guarantees that each Laguiole Knife is a small masterpiece.


Laguiole Pocket Knives Double Plate 12cm with stainless steel blades, plates and bolsters, single blade or with a corkscrew are extremely popular models from Laguiole Knives enthusiasts.
They are a specialty of the manufacturer Laguiole en Aubrac and are different from the classic range by a greater width thanks to the addition of an additional plate on each side of the spring.
But also by their guilloche (decoration), these models leave much of the usual conventions of the decoration of the Laguiole Knives thanks to a work of chiseling worked out as much on the spring, as on its external and internal plates. Each knife becomes totally unique.