LAGUIOLE Prestige models DOUBLE PLATE collection

These Laguiole Prestige Models are the masterpiece from Laguiole en Aubrac, best knives manufacturer, famous for its high-end hand chiseled bees and Springs on its pocket knives!

They are handcrafted in the French countryside in its area of origin: Aubrac.

 Laguiole Prestige Models from the double plate collection masterpiece are the perfect gift for Collector’s and laguiole enthusiast or for users who wants to upgrade a more rare Laguiole with precious handle or blade.

Hand chiseled on the top and bottom of the spring and plates. The result of this fine and luxurious chiseling is done manually with the burin by a master cutler, each piece is almost unique.
The handle gives it a sophisticated feeling as it must be and can be made of fossilized mammoth molar or mammoth bone. Fossils mostly come from Siberia melting glaciers or found in permafrost by miners in Alaska.
Blades can be elaborate with the folding damascus steel technic (carbon steel xc75). Bolsters can be also hammered.